We are an experienced company, which is actively engaged in the business of heat treatment. Our company specialises in on-site work as well as furnace heat treatment.

NSP offers a wide range of steel and aluminum heat treating services, as well as metallurgical testing through an affiliate company. The company has built up a vast amount of experience of heat treating a wide range of metals from tool steels, HSS, stainless steels and exotic metals. These can be treated using the standard processes or a bespoke process can be developed to suit the customer requirements.

Some of Our Heat Treatment Services Are:

  • Pro Heating
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment
  • Stress Relieving


Proof load test is performed on various components to ensure that these components can withstand the design load without failure or with yeilding (unacceptable deformation).

If your business is in the heavy-lifting industry then you will know just how important the quality of your equipment is, not just for the safety of your employees and the protection of your assets – but also for meeting industry regulations.

Unsafe equipment could mean your company is failing to meet government standards, make you liable for the injuries and accidents of your employees and result in inefficient and ineffective operational processes.

Because of this reason the tests and inspections of the equipments is so important to ensure its safety. One such test for your equipment is the proof load test.


  • Crane Proof Load Testing
  • Container Proof Load Testing
  • Pulley Load Testing
  • Open Top Baskets Load Testing
  • Offshore Containers Load Testing
  • Tool Rack Load Testing


  • Chain Pull Testing
  • Shackle Pull Testing
  • Sling Pull Testing
  • Sheaves Pull Testing
  • Padeyes Pull Testing